Silver Grey Travertine – Stone Tray


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Measuring 25cm x 12cm

Thickness: 2cm

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Our focus of repurposing stone offcuts has now led us to our new home décor range. 

Our stone trays are manufactured in Sydney, Australia, using the finest and most beautiful stone the world has gifted us. Our new range highlights that beauty exists in everything, and we’re so privileged to present Mother Nature’s gift into a premium product! 

These stone trays are perfect for platters, home décor, candle holders, or for whatever your heart desires! 

Know that each tray is a limited edition piece, and no piece is the same, each piece has its own story and unique beauty, revel in the fact that you will have a one of a kind show piece. 

If you would like to wholesale or make a bulk order, enquire now!

Silver Grey Travertine - Stone Tray


1 in stock